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Who we are

The attorneys at the American Justice Center have experience with probate and estate litigation meaning they know how to successfully challenge wills and trusts. The benefit to you? Attorneys who know how to draft an estate plan that will prevent the most common types of challenges and head off litigation before it starts. The benefit to your heirs? They won’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars litigating your estate.

Mission & Vision

American Justice Center lawyers strive to provide each client with personal attention and first-class representation–whether that representation is a “simple” estate plan or a full-fledged jury trial. Calls are answered immediately or returned promptly. Communication is always open.

Our Strategy

We aim to provide fast, efficient, and effective representation. Sometimes that means we have to file in multiple courts to get the most thorough coverage of all of your claims. Or perhaps we have to draft several iterations of an estate plan to account for your changing desires. The bottom line is we ensure we meet your needs when you hire the attorneys at the American Justice Center.

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Our Services

The American Justice Center focuses on jury trials (both civil and criminal), probate and estate litigation (both in general civil courts and probate divisions), and estate plan drafting.

Civil Jury Trials

Our trial lawyers are skilled and experienced with jury trials. Our lead attorney, Dave C. Jones, is a graduate of the esteemed Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. He oversees all trials and conducts most of them.

Estate Planning

Drawing from their experience with successfully challenging estate plans, our lawyers know how to draft estate plans that can withstand or even prevent challenges in the first place. When the typical estate litigation can cost well over $100,000 to litigate, having a well-drafted estate plan that prevents litigation saves your heirs money in the long-run.


Criminal Jury Trials

Our lead trial lawyer, Dave C. Jones, started his career while in law school conducting motion hearings and jury trials at the San Diego Office of the Public Defender. After law school, he became a deputy public defender at the Tulare County Public Defender’s Office. His training at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and his past trial experience are invaluable to clients facing a criminal jury trial.

Estate Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in challenging trusts, wills, and powers of attorney in civil and probate courts. We have helped countless clients navigate the tricky field of probate litigation when their loved ones have been victims of financial elder abuse or undue influence.

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Dave C. Jones

Meet the Lead Attorney

Dave C. Jones leads the American Justice Center. Read more about him below.

Dave C. Jones, Attorney at Law +

Dave C. Jones

Dave Jones was born in Sacramento, California, in 1974. He went to local schools through...
"Dave [Jones] just really did a dynamite job. The questions he asked were open-ended and leading towards a certain aspect of what he was looking for in terms of an answer to help the case. And during that process, there was a lot going on, and Dave was over there taking notes pretty fast, and then when it was his turn, boom! He was up, he was ready to talk. He basically went through his bullets and just cleared everything and made it back in Dad's favor. So it was interesting to see that. I didn't know how [the jury trial] was going to happen. I didn't know what he was going to do, but it worked out nice." Tony B.
"Dave Jones came in to my case over half way through. He immediately came up to speed and did a thorough, precise, and thoughtful job of representing me. He stayed in touch by phone and email. His poise and composure are refreshing in an arena that can be contentious." Susan
"Dave Jones performed his job admirably. He presented a strong argument in a professional manner. I would refer him to anyone that asked." Cynthia W.
"Dave Jones is representing me in my civil lawsuit. We are in the collecting stage; we went to [jury] trial and won. He is very professional and efficient. His kindness, courtesy, and understanding made things much easier. I thank God for given me the opportunity to have Mr. Jones represent me." Vanessa N.
"Dave Jones came into my case in the third quarter. In short order, he knew the facts, put the files together, and was ready to represent me at a deposition and a pre-trial hearing that were both out of town for him. We spoke on the phone numerous times, and I felt comfortable and well-represented. He is professional and doesn't get rattled, which is a characteristic that is desirable for any client." Susan B.
"You know what I liked about Dave [Jones]? He was a listener. He did not make me feel like I had to rush. He was interested in my point of view ... and he always wanted to hear it. And he always, if I had to leave a phone call, he always returned the phone calls. He was a gentleman. He was very pleasant. It was very easy with Dave. Very friendly, very professional. And he was very skillful and had insights. It was just awesome to watch, to hear him up there [in court] and how he handled everything with such ease and not being aggressive but just firm. It was wonderful." Joan